Wegner Automotive WAK074 Magnuson 2650 - Camaro Offset (WAK074)

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Wegner Automotive is proud to offer our accessory drive kit for Magnuson's newest LS-based blower, the 'Hot Rod' 2650!

Expertly engineered and dyno-tested in house for high-horsepower street use, this accessory kit includes key features such as -

  • CAD designed and CNC machined billet aluminum brackets and pulleys for maximum rigidity, eliminating component flex in high performance applications
  • Complete belt wrap with an extra idler pulley for NO slip operation
  • Internal fan alternator to cool better and allow more RPM
  • Dedicated 10 rib supercharger belt
  • Multiple blower pulley ratios depending on boost requirements

Please note - this kit was designed utilizing the Camaro belt alignment.  Be sure your supercharger is built for the Camaro belt line.

Kit will NOT fit with VVT front covers.

All our accessory drives are built to order - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery