Wegner Automotive WAK042 Edelbrock 2.3L - Corvette Offset (WAK042)

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The WAK042 Kit has been engineered for high performance street use with key features such as:

  • Max pulley belt wrap for NO slip, extra idler pulley to give power steering complete wrap
  • Multiple blower pulley ratios depending on boost requirements
  • Internal fan alternator cools better while also allowing for more RPM vs. external fans which are prone to bending
  • Dedicated 8 rib Supercharger belt
  • Alternator, AC, & Power Steering are on separate 6 rib belt
  • CAD designed & CNC machined brackets & pulleys

Kit will NOT fit with VVT front covers.

All our accessory drives are built to order - please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

ATI damper crank pulley

Supercharger pulley diameter; OEM, 3% or 12% overdrive

Power steering pump

GM Type 2, by PSC Motorsports

- Attached PS Pump reservoir (standard) Optional -6 and -10 AN fittings for Remote Res.


170 Amp single wire or GM 2 pin with internal fan
Optional: 225 Amp upgrade