Victor Olds 350 Intake Manifold for Small-Block 350-403 Oldsmobile Engines

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Edelbrock part #2812 Victor Oldsmobile intake manifold provides power levels never before available for competition single-carb 350-403 Olds engines. Featuring a single-plane "Air-Gap" design, it accepts square-bore carb and offers significant horsepower increases over existing intakes in the 4500 to 7500 rpm range. It features a carb mount pad height of 7" and high-flow constant area 3.2-square-inch runners. The runners have been optimized to match the flow characteristics of Edelbrock Performer RPM aluminum cylinder heads #60519 and the exit size, as-cast, is 1.28" by 1.94" with plenty of metal thickness for gasket matching and porting.