Victor-Link Adjustable True-Roller Timing Chain Set

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Edelbrock part #7880 Victor-Link timing chain is a timing chain and gear set is designed for high-performance's street and competition small-block Chevys operating in the 6500-8500 rpm range. #7880 withstands a higher operating range than other timing chains due to the machined link holes and high-strength steel. In addition, the chain links and pins are cold-hardened for greater strength and durability. Nine keyway setting points ensure precise timing selection. Gears are machined from SAE-1144 stress proof steel, have a larger tooth contact area and are induction hardened. Never hammer directly on chain or sprockets. You can crack the hardened links and pins and cause early failures. Use a sleeve for installations that require hammering, a brass drift punch may be used if you carefully alternate blows on either side of the sprocket to avoid cocking. Never stretch the chain with a screwdriver. Check for clearance between the timing chain and block and between the chain and front cover before reassembly. Be sure that both cam and crank sprockets are exactly in line with each other. Misalignment can cause chain to break.