Victor Jr. Sportsman 2V 23 Degree Intake Manifold Small-Block Chevy

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Edelbrock part #2901 Victor Jr. Sportsman 2V intake manifold is a dedicated design for the 2V racer and provides outstanding performance from 3500 to 7000 rpm. The runners are sized especially for 2V racing engines for the ultimate combination of torque and horsepower with better fuel distribution. An extra tall carburetor pad eliminates the need for spacers, and rear water outlets allow for a four corner coolant flow path if desired. It features dual distributor clamp locations, and port exits are sized to match cast iron Chevrolet Bowtie heads. Manifold accept standard restrictor plates and carb adapters. This manifold is a single-plane, high-rise intake designed for maximum race-winning power at higher engine speeds.