Victor Jr Small-Block Ford Cylinder Head Bare

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The Edelbrock part #77219 Victor 15 Deg Small Block Ford 240cc cylinder head is designed for maximum effort competition racing on 289 - 351+ cubic inch based engines. The inline valve configuration features a 15 Deg valve angle and a modern combustion chamber design allows for high compression without large piston domes. The intake ports are raised .380"; however the intake flange has been extended to maintain proper port alignment with standard intake manifolds. The exhaust ports are patterned with a 2.50" spacing and raised .520" for high flow potential. This head requires shaft mounted rockers; please contact Jesel or T&D for details. Features include 47cc combustion chambers, ductile iron interlocking valve seats, manganese-bronze valve guides and requires professional preparation. Edelbrock recommends 2.125" intake valves and 1.625" exhaust valves with 5.45" overall length.