Victor Big Block Chrysler 440 EFI Intake Manifold

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Edelbrock part #29545 Victor 440 EFI intake manifold is ideal for use with competition and high-rpm 413-426-440 c.i.d. Chrysler V8's. The Victor 440 has a runner design that delivers maximum power from 3500 to 7500 rpm. This single-plane intake manifold is designed with a flange that accepts square-bore carburetors. Dual carburetor bolt hole patterns are provided for both standard and Thermo-Quad carbs, with sufficient carburetor pad material for conversion to a Thermo-Quad carburetor for Super Stock applications. Match this race-winning manifold with Edelbrock Performer RPM Chrysler 440 aluminum cylinder heads #60189 or #60929 or Victor heads #77919 or #77929 for maximum performance. Will not fit 1962-64 Max Wedge heads. The #7798 valley cover is required when used with Edelbrock Victor Series heads.