Throttle Body Intake Elbow #3848 Low Profile, 90mm Opening, Satin Finish

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This Edelbrock Low Profile elbow was designed for limited hood clearance applications. This adaptor can be used with our 29085 Victor Jr LS1 but cowl trimming and an SS hood are required. The 3848 Elbow can be used in other square bore (4150 style) manifold applications as well. It can be mounted forward, backward, or sideways on any of our Victor EFI Square bore (4150) style manifolds. Because of its low profile a one inch spacer is required for small or Big Block Chevy forward mount configurations to clear the water neck. It can be used with an LS1 80 mm (must use PN 2737 adaptor) or Edelbrock PN 3869 90mm Universal, or Ford style 75mm throttle bodies. The 3848 adaptor features: Bolt pattern fits LS1, LS2 and Ford 5.0l based throttle bodies, adapts to standard (4150 style) square bore manifolds, Fits manifold either in a forwards, backward, or sideways configuration, The throttle bore center sits 7.00" forward and only 2.00" up from the manifold 4150 flange, The throttle body points downward on a 5 Deg angle. For ultra-low applications out PN 3847 elbow sits 9.00" forward and only .56" above the flange, with a 12 Deg downward throttle body angle.