ATI / Procharger Air-to-Air Intercooled Supercharger System for 2016-2023 Chevy Camaro SS LT1 (1GY211-SCI)

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ProCharger presents the cutting-edge Intercooled System designed for the 2016+ Camaro SS. This comprehensive kit is compatible with both stock and modified vehicles right from the start. Featuring a robust billet bracket design that maximizes bracket strength and integrity by utilizing strategic mounting points on the LT1 motor, this system securely accommodates ProCharger head units ranging from the P-1SC-1 to the F-1A-94. No removal of OEM parts is necessary during the bracket installation, ensuring the car's factory braking, cooling, and oiling systems work as intended by GM.

With just 7 psi of boost using pump gas, the Intercooled System with P-1SC-1 head unit delivers a remarkable gain of 150+ HP to your 2016+ Camaro SS. This complete intercooled system includes ProCharger's proven tuning calibrations and a user-friendly handheld programmer, making DIY installations a breeze. By opting for an intercooled tuner kit and custom tuning, higher boost levels and horsepower gains of up to 50% are achievable, with even greater gains possible on modified engines. For racing enthusiasts seeking hyper-custom builds, F-Series supercharger models up to the record-setting F-1A-94 can be seamlessly installed without requiring trimming or additional brackets. Contact us for further details.

Notably, this system boasts the easiest and quickest installation process ever seen in a complete Camaro supercharger system, taking just 5-6 hours for any skilled gear head to complete over a weekend.

Another outstanding feature of ProCharger is the world-class intercooler options tailored for specific applications. Taking into account the meticulous airflow design of the 2016 Camaro SS, including the new front fascia and three front-mounted radiators, ProCharger developed two distinct intercoolers to meet the car's horsepower and cooling requirements. Both intercoolers feature increased cross-flow sections to minimize pressure drop while maintaining optimal cooling capacity.

  • Intercooler: 432 cubic inches of cooling core (Perfect for the base kit at 7 psi up to about 10 psi)
  • Stage 2 Intercooler: 756 cubic inches of cooling core (Designed for custom builds and modified engines running larger head units or high boost levels) - NOT CARB LEGAL

Neither intercooler option necessitates the removal of any cooling systems in the new Camaro. These supercharger kits include preformed-silicone charge tubing from the intercooler to the throttle body, optimizing airflow while eliminating potential rattles or vibrations caused by metal tubing in confined spaces, such as around the headlamps. The added insulation of silicone aids in cooling the air charge inside the tubing, leveraging one of the major advantages of a ProCharger intercooled supercharger system.

Tuning is included with the factory 7 psi system, delivered through a user-friendly handheld programmer that also enables monitoring and data-logging of the car's systems. The handheld programmer incorporates OBD2 code scanning capability. ProCharger tunes are conservatively set up to account for fuel variations across the country, prioritizing long-term reliability. However, additional power gains can be achieved with custom tuning from TREperformance or your local tuning shop.

Rest assured, ProCharger engineers have ensured that the installation is 100% reversible. If you eventually decide to sell your Camaro and want to revert to stock, no trimming, cutting, bending, or modification of any kind will be made to your vehicle.

  • Horsepower gain: 150+
  • P-1SC-1 supercharger head unit, 7 psi (Upgrade to P-1X possible)
  • Highly effective air-to-air intercooler
  • All 3" tubing and Bullet Bypass Valve
  • Belt Drive System: Stock 6-Rib Pulley
  • Fuel Pump Supplied: Not required
  • Fuel Injectors Supplied: Not required
  • Computer/Ignition Mods: Handheld Programmer supplied

Experience the coolest charge air temperatures and embrace the largest power gains available with ProCharger's patented and proven self-contained oiling design, eliminating the need for external oil lines. This kit is 50 state legal with CARB EO D-365-33 (for 2016-2022 model years). Enjoy a system that is 100% complete, boasting OEM quality and appearance.