Pro-Flo 4+ EFI Engine Management System #36160 for 2015-17 Ford Coyote

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Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4+ kit #36160 is an EFI engine management system that greatly simplifies the process of installing a 2015-2017 Ford Coyote EFI engine into a non-EFI muscle car, truck or hot rod. Pro-Flo 4+ allows you to leave the factory ECU and wiring harnesses at the junkyard by providing a plug-and-play control system that is specially designed for the Gen II Coyote engine, implementing drive-by-wire throttle and variable camshaft timing (VCT) in hot rod engine swap applications. Pro-Flo 4+ kit #36160 includes an ECU with base calibration; OEM-style wiring harnesses; MAP, O2 and IAT sensors. The compact Pro-Flo 4+ ECU provides mounting versatility with a weather-resistant housing and features a unique self-learning capability that adjusts the fuel map as you drive, providing optimum performance with no need for laptop tuning or costly dyno sessions. Setup is quick and easy thanks to Edelbrock?????s E-Tuner 4 software for Android tablets and smartphones. Pro-Flo 4+ for the 2015-2017 Coyote uses a speed-density fueling strategy with an included MAP and IAT sensor. A non-adjustable Alternator Control is set to regulate at 14.5 volts. The Coyote?????s factory MAF sensor, air inlet piping and air box are eliminated, allowing unlimited configuration of your air intake design. Pro-Flo 4+ #36160 works with 80mm drive-by-wire throttle bodies as well as the 87mm GT350 throttle body. Minimal tuning adjustments are required when the provided base calibration is used, giving you great performance right out of the box. The Pro-Flo 4+ EFI Engine Management System is covered by a 2-year warranty and is backed by the industry?????s most extensive technical support team.