Performer Intake Manifold Small-Block Ford

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Edelbrock part #3721 Performer 302 intake manifold is designed for carbureted 302 c.i.d. Ford V8's with EGR. Replaces the stock 4V EGR manifold using the stock 4V adapter. Manifold can be adapted for 4V use by using our #8053 4V EGR plate and the OEM EGR valve and gasket. Our #8017 adapter kit and Ford #E4ZZ9A-589E spacer may be substituted for our #8053 EGR plate (1983-85 H.O. Mustangs/Capris come with this Ford spacer). For 4V off-highway non-EGR applications, use our #8714 spacer. Edelbrock carbs will work with Ford automatic overdrive trans (AOD) when used with Lokar bracket SRK-4000, for more info call (865) 966-2269 or go to