MSD Ignition Coil - Smart - 8-Pack - Red

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The MSD Smart Coil is a direct replacement for the popular IGN-1A coil. Heres the difference; it produces more spark energy while consuming less power without sacrificing voltage output. This means you get hotter spark at the plug to burn the maximum amount of fuel in each cylinder while using less power from your electrical system.

It is compatible with Holley EFI and many other aftermarket electronic fuel injection systems and will run on traditional 12 volt or 16 volt electrical systems found in race applications.

Unique elongated mounting holes accommodate IGN-1A mounting brackets or allow it to bolt in place of an LS coil with 72mm bolt spacing. The MSD Smart Coil will bolt right on to Holley LS cast aluminum valve covers for a super clean look. Available in red or black, theres a set ready for your build.