MSD Ignition Coil - High Output - Red

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If youve made the step up to the industry-leading MSD Pro 600 Ignition, youll want to equip it with the best coils on the market. The Pro 600 (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) coil is the solution with the highest current and voltage available in a small compact design.

When youre making extreme cylinder pressure with boost or nitrous on an inductive coil-per-plug ignition, lack of spark energy means you are leaving horsepower on the table. To answer this need, MSD developed this powerful coil for the PRO 600 Capacitive Discharge Ignition to provide unrivaled spark energy and dependability. With the unrivaled output of the Pro 600 CDI, combined with these High-Output coils, everything from Pro Mod to Pulling Trucks can perform at a whole new level!

This high output coil is meant to be used with MSDs Pro 600 CDI (PN 8000). The coil will be wired to the Pro 600 CDI harness.