Max-Fire (Ultra-Spark 50) Universal 90 Deg High Performance's Spark Plug Wire Se

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The Edelbrock #22711 Max-Fire Universal Ultra-Spark 50 spark plug wire sets feature the same high quality as our model specific sets, but give you the flexibility to tailor them to fit your V8 application perfectly. Includes 90 Deg spark plug boot pre-installed from the factory. The Edelbrock #22711 include early OEM socket style and late style HEI plug distributor terminals to make sure your covered. Comes with the following wire lengths; one 53", one 49", two 45", one 41", one 37" and two 33", as well as 11 points style terminals, 11 HEI plug style terminals, 9 straight distributor boots, 9 90 Deg distributor boots, 1 distributor to coil wire, dielectric grease and installation instructions. Will require the use of a wire crimping tool to complete the installation.