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Whipple's heavy duty spring loaded tensioner is standard on almost all Whipple kits. Cast aluminum body with optional 6061-T6 billet aluminum pulleys. Whipple SC kits that use this tensioner:

  • 350/377/383/Scorpion SC kits
  • 454/502 Magnum MPI SC kits
  • 496 Mag Base/Mag HO SC kits
  • 454/502 Carburated SC kits
  • 500HP EFI SC kits
  • 525HP EFI SC kits
  • 3.3L/W200ax universal SC kits
  • 4.0L/W245ax universal SC kits
  • TCM 800EFI, 900EFI, 985EFI
  • Standard equipment on Mercury Racing 600/662/700SCI (Idler pulleys from Whipple are not compatible, only tensioner)