Low Mount A/C Brackets for the Gen 5 LT4/LT1 Dry Sump Engines (20-210B)

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Holley always focuses on designing new products to make engine swaps easier. The latest is the Low Mountets for the Gen 5 LT4/LT1 Dry Sump engines. If you are buying one of these engines new out of the crate or from your local salvage yard, you will need some extra parts designed to help install them.
That is where Holley comes in. The new A/C brackets were designed to help you gain additional space when swapping this engine platform into older muscle cars. While there is not much room on the lower front of these dry sump engines, these brackets allow you to use the SD7 Type A/C compressor. The Bracket is designed to rotate SD7 compressor to position your A/C lines upward instead of pointing directly outward towards that frame rail area.
The aluminum brackets come in two finishes, clear coat and black. There are two models of the brackets available. The first is a standard four bolt mount for the SD7 compressor. These will help you swap and LT4/LT1 engine into most older chassis with other modifications as needed. (Depending on the chassis type, engine mounts used, etc?Ǫ)
The second design is a modified three bolt mount for use with the DSE 67-69 F-body sub frames. The bracket was designed to allow for suspension clearance if you are using the DSE suspension components.
*The DSE sub-frame compatible versions (20-211 & 20-211B) do not have the lower rear mounting ear. This is for frame clearance issues and therefore only 1 rear flange bolt is included in the kit. Trimming of the lower rear mounting ear on the A/C compressor body may be necessary.

* Additional GM parts could be needed for the installation of this bracket. Please refer to the product instructions.

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