Holley Replacement Hardware for Alternator Bracket (97-419)

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The factory alternator(s) on the 2020 & Up Ford 7.3-liter Godzilla engine is a bulky single or dual alternator design that is tough to package in an engine swap. This Holley alternator system is more compact for extra clearance and works with the factory timing cover, water pump, dampulley, and intake manifold (also works with after-market dampulley).

The 20-380 alternator kit, or 97-409 bracket, works great with 7.3 crate engines and take-out swap engines. Crate engines come with almost everything needed except an alternator bracket. Holley's bracket and alternator solution are compact and lightweight. The Holley alternator is easy to wire and does not require the factory ECU to function like the OE alternator. Holley includes the plug /pigtail, pulleys, and belt in the 20-380 complete kit. Note the included belt is for alternator-only applications, but the instructions specify the belt for other configurations. The bracket allows for any accessory configuration - it works with or without the air conditioning compressor and with or without a power steering pump.

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