Holley Mid LSA/LS Accessory Drive Bracket Kit - Power Steering - Natural (20-165)

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If you're looking to swap an LSA or LS engine into your vehicle but your engine didn't come with a power steering pump or the factory setup is too wide to fit properly in your bay, Holley has the answer. These new LSA Accessory Drive Kits offer clean, economical mounting of all LS engine accessories. The 20-165 Power Steering Bracket pulls the pump in closer toward the engine when compared to the original LSA accessories, giving more clearance in swap applications. Also, Power Steering Hard Line Adapter 197-207 is not required, but makes a potentially daunting plumbing task quick and painless. There is no doubt this bracket kit looks truly at home on the LSA engine, so much so that nobody will realize it didn't come from factory this way

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