High Output Intercooled Tuner Kit with P-1SC-1 (1FR204-SCI)

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West Bend Dyno presents an array of options for ATI/Procharger kits. For any inquiries you might have, feel free to contact us.

By making use of the patented and proven, self-contained ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger that produces approximately 7 psi of boost, together with a highly effective air-to-air intercooler and additional 8-rib drive, a ProCharger system or tuner kit can add 45%+ more HP to a standard 2011-14 5.0 Mustang running high-quality pump gas. With Ford's modest 412 hp rating for their new 5.0 4v engine, a ProCharger-equipped 5.0 Mustang can deliver 600+ flywheel horsepower with an HO system, and even more with a Stage II system.

  • Horsepower gain: 45%+
  • Satin Finish P-1SC-1 supercharger head unit, D-1SC, F-1, F-1A, F-1C/F-1R available as upgrades
  • Highly effective 3 core air-to-air intercooler
  • All 3" tubing and ProFlo Bypass Valve
  • Belt Drive System: Additional 8 rib
  • Fuel Pump Supplied: Not Supplied
  • Fuel Injectors Supplied: Not Supplied
  • Computer/Ignition Mods.: Not Supplied
  • The coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains available
  • ProCharger's patented and proven, self-contained oiling design requires no external oil lines
  • Easiest and quickest installation
  • System is 100% complete with OEM quality and appearance

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