FIC 1450eXt (1450CC @ 43.5 PSI)

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1450cc at 43.5 psi and 1675cc at 58 psi . These are multi-hole discharge for optimum atomization. These flow 142LB/HR in an LS rail running 43.5 PSI and 163LB/HR at 58 PSI. In the short 38mm version, they have an extended tip. In the 48mm and 60mm version, they are available without the extended tip. These are perfect for port fuel injection systems on direct injected vehicles. Pictures show how this injector can be set up.   These units are high-impedance; making them compatible with all fuels including M5, while delivering the most flow available in a High-Impedance injector. These injectors are able to function at high fuel pressures and don’t exhibit the high fuel pressure handling problems found with many other high flow high-impedance injectors. Many tuners push these injectors to 6 bar and higher. E85 compatible.
Put your vehicle information in year/make/model box below and we will configure the injector to drop in. Each set comes with plug and play tuning data done by Greg Banish with Calibrated Success that will be on a flash drive in your package. 
Price is per injector.  Comes stock with EV6/USCAR plug.
Part Number: FIC1450ext