FIC 1000 CC @ 3 Bar High Impedance for Imports

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This is a modified fuel injector. We custom mill brand new American-made fuel injector cores in large-quantity batches to achieve the highest quality product.

Flow rates:
1000 cc/min - 3.0 BAR (43.5 psi)
1090 cc/min - 3.5 BAR (50.8 psi)
1180 cc/min - 4.0 BAR (58.0 psi)
Complete static and dynamic flow information with each set.
Plus correct injector latency, full injector data supplied for all gm vehicles in either hp tuners or efi live format.
Electrical connector type: EV6/EV14/USCAR

E85 compatible.

Part Number: FIC1000IMPORT