Boost Controller Kit for Kenne Bell Superchargers

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SmoothBoost  -  Kenne-Bell Supercharger - Electronic Bypass system
Boost is referenced on 0-5v signal from the Throttle Position (TPS) instead of the conventional Manifold vacuum (MAP).  This broadens the boost curve making it more controllable with the throttle.
Get rid of any of the annoyances associated with a Vacuum actuated bypass valve   Great for use with BIG CAMS that don't make enough vacuum to operate the bypass valve correctly Easier Tuning Linear Throttle Ability to Lower boost by about 80% (depending on setup) without swapping pulley's Boost scramble mode to over-ride lower boost setting Boost Kill mode that can be interfaced to other electronics  You will not lose the INSTANT power you crave from your Positive Displacement Blower.  Its always on tap.... just more manageable instead of all or nothing because it will now be TPS controlled instead of Vacuum

With the use of our SB-DCA signal convertor Boost can be controlled through a standalone ECU using a ( - ) PWM output just as you would a turbo wastegate.