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11" Classic Series Front Brake System for 1964-1974 GM A, F, and X bodies

OVERVIEW This system features the "Original" Baer 2-piston, pad guided caliper (PGC) mounted to a 11", 1-piece slot, drill, zinc plated integral hub rotor. The PGC caliper comes in a red powder coated finish with a black logo, includes dust/weather seal's and uses the popular D412 pad type. The system includes premium bearings with races pre-installed, dust caps, mounting brackets, stainless braided hoses and all necessary hardware. The 11" "Classic" system fits select 14" and most 15" or larger wheels. | Rotor Size/Type: 11" x 1.020", 1-piece, Integral hub | Replacement Rotor Rings: 6910072 (Left) / 6920072 (Right) | Caliper/Piston Count/Mount Type: "Classic" PGC Front / 2-piston / Floating w/anchor | Replacement Pads: D0412R | Minimum Wheel Size: 14"-15" (Use template to verify fitment, link below) | System Includes: Calipers, Brake pads, Rotor's, Premium Bearings, Dust caps, Brackets, Stainless braided brake hoses & mounting hardware | Notes: - No track width change compared to stock disc brakes - Widens track .200" a side on stock front drum brake cars - Designed to be used with OE GM disc or drum spindles - 15/16" master cylinder recommended (Baer offers both OE cast iron style or the Baer Remaster) | Applications: - 1964-72 GM A-Body cars w/OE spindles - 1967-69 GM F-Body cars w/OE spindles - 1964-74 GM X-Body cars w/OE spindles Also Fits: - DSE AFX-body 2" drop spindles - Heidts 2" drop spindles - Fatman 2" drop spindles - Ridetech 2" drop spindles - L&H Customs spindles