ATI / Procharger i-1 Programmable Air-to-Air Intercooled Supercharger HO System (1GQ312-SCI)

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Bolt-on an impressive 205-235 HP to your stock LS3 engine with just 7 psi using the revolutionary ATI i-1 Procharger system. This programmable supercharger not only delivers the largest power gains, but also offers the ultimate performance curve. With the intelligent control system, drivers have the flexibility to switch between three factory-supplied performance modes or create a custom mode to suit their preferences.

  • Horsepower gain: 50%+
  • i-1 supercharger, 7 psi
  • Highly effective C6 3 Core air-to-air intercooler
  • Belt Drive System: Standard 6 rib Programmable Drive
  • Fuel Pump Supplied: Flowcharger booster pump included
  • Fuel Injectors Supplied: 50 lb/hr
  • Computer/Ignition Mods.: Diablo Handheld Programmer and Custom Tune Supplied
  • The coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains available
  • ProCharger’s patented and proven, self-contained oiling design requires no external oil lines
  • Easiest and quickest installation
  • System is 100% complete with OEM quality and appearance

Introducing the world's first programmable supercharger! The i-1 ProCharger system not only provides remarkable power gains, but also boasts the ultimate performance curve. Featuring an intelligent control system and optional touch screen display, drivers can effortlessly switch between three factory-supplied performance modes or create their own personalized mode. Customizable display screens and data logging are also available for added convenience.

Building upon the advantages of centrifugal design, the i-1 delivers higher compressor efficiency compared to screw blowers, incorporates highly effective air-to-air intercooling, and eliminates the heat transfer associated with engine-top mounting or an exhaust interface. The standard air-to-air intercooling system is widely recognized as providing superior cooling and reliability for street use.

Thanks to these inherent advantages, the i-1 technology ensures the coolest charge air, delivers the most power with exceptional repeatability, and achieves best-in-class fuel economy. Similar to the P-1SC-1 and D-1SC supercharger systems, i-1 ProCharger systems offer significantly more power per psi of boost compared to air-water-intercooled positive displacement supercharger systems. Staying true to the ProCharger tradition, i-1 supercharger systems boast a broad operating range and excellent upgradability. The i-1 ProCharger is suitable for both stock and modified applications, supporting up to 900 flywheel horsepower.

The patented programmable i-1 design ensures immediate response even at low engine rpm, without any turbo lag or boost falloff at higher engine rpm. For enhanced performance, the competition mode can be quickly engaged, allowing owners to lock the supercharger in low ratio mode or select a personalized mode using the touch screen interface.