ATI/Procharger Air-to-Water Intercooled Pro Race Tuner Kit for Corvette C7 Stingray 2015-2019 (LT4) - F-1D, F-1, or F-1A Head Unit (1GU500-F1)

ProCharger SKU: 1GU500-F1
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West Bend Dyno offers a broad selection of options for ATI/Procharger kits. We are always available to answer your questions and help you make the best choice.

Our supercharger kits are the most complete available, including everything necessary for installation except for the fuel system and tuning. This kit includes all mounting brackets for the blower, pullies, belts, intercooler, all the tubing, piping, fittings, clamps, and even oil for the self-contained lubricating system. However, for custom pro spec purposes, you may need to make some modifications or purchase special tools to weld, wire, and trim. Despite this, many customers successfully install in their garage or driveway over a single weekend.

  • Horsepower gain: Up to 1200+ total
  • F-1D, F-1, or F-1A supercharger head unit, satin finish standard, upgrades available
  • Boost pressure up to 10-30 psi, spec'd out after order is placed
  • Highly effective air-to-water intercooler for a max 1,500 HP
  • All 3" tubing and Race Bypass Valve
  • Belt Drive System: Additional Dedicated 8 Rib
  • Fuel Pump Supplied: Not Supplied
  • Fuel Injectors Supplied: Not Supplied
  • Computer/Ignition Mods.: Not Supplied
  • The coolest charge air temperatures and largest power gains available
  • ProCharger's patented and proven, self-contained oiling design requires no external oil lines
  • Easiest and quickest installation