Aluminum Shock Monotube 62 Series Double Adjustable 9 Inch Stroke Big Body W/ Canister Partial Build

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The Silver Series Gas Shock is designed for reduced gas pressure gain. These shocks are owner serviceable, or you can take them to any AFCO shock repair center for convenient and fast turnaround. With a number of customizable options, you can tailor your Silver Series Shocks for any late model application. AFCO 62 Series are premier late model shocks. Threaded body aluminum Monotube, comes with coil-over hardware and special gas canister. Double adjustable, compression and rebound adjust independent of each other.
• Double adjustable.
• Latest technology.
• DURox chrome shaft.
• Owner serviceable.
• Second-to-none technical support.
• Custom valving available at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
• 6” Stroke = 12.20” Compressed Length = Extended Length 18.16”
• 7” Stroke = 13.20” Compressed Length = Extended Length 20.16”
• 8” Stroke = 14.20” Compressed Length = Extended Length 22.16”
• 9” Stroke = 15.20” Compressed Length = Extended Length 24.16”