Aluminum Radiator Circle Track 28 Inch Chevy Double Pass 20

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The new AFCO 28 inch double pass radiator is built with a 24-3/8 core for optimal cooling in a confined space. This new radiator provides an additional 36 square inches of core area while increasing overall width by just half an inch. Crate series. Great for 604 Engines. Cars with limited air flow. Available in Chevy or Ford configurations. Standard or double pass. Maximized efficiency. AFCO Double Pass provide more cooling over standard type radiators, with less than 2 oz. of added weight. Common temperature drops are 10-20 degrees when replacing a standard configuration radiator of equal core size. Keeps your mind off the water temp and puts it onto the race track. Double pass radiators gain their efficiency by first passing the fluid over the top half of the radiator and then the bottom half, giving the radiator the ability to dissipate heat twice. AFCO uses an exclusive 360 degree TIG-welded baffle that splits the radiator core into two sections. This 360 degree baffle effectively creates two radiators out of one and assures that you won't have any coolant that has entered the radiator but never made it across the core. This is superior to utilizing silicone to seal internal baffles, or worse, a partial weld that allows the coolant to bypass the radiator core completely. 360 Degree Welded - Internal baffle ensures no "short cuts" past the baffle due to internal leaks. Installation Instructions included.