AEM V3 Water Methanol Injection Update Kit

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Our breakthrough injector design uses unique Swirl Generator Technology that improves atomization to deliver faster inlet temp cooling and uses less fluid to maintain inlet air cooling. We include three Swirl Generators that deliver 250cc, 500cc, and 1000cc of flow.
The AEM V3 WMI injector is included in every AEM Watl injection kit and is a direct replacement/upgrade for the V2 injector in older systems.
AEMs V3 WMI Injector features an innovative design that increases atomization for faster cooling using unique Swirl Generator technology, which also controls flow through a fixed injector orifice.
We simplified assembly and disassembly the V3 AEM WMI injector, with all components held in placeby a single clip at the rear of the injector body.