950 CFM Gen 3 Ultra Dominator Carburetor (0-80901RD)

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The original Dominator?« took carburetion to another level in 1969 when it was developed for NASCAR?« racing. It has been refined over the years and has received its biggest change ever. The Gen 3 Ultra Dominator features a brand new main?Çôbody, brand new state?Çôof?Çôthe?Çôart calibrations, high volume fuel bowls and sizes up to 1475 CFMThe patent pending GEN 3 main?Çôbody is 5/16" taller than the previous generation! This new height allowed for larger radius air entries which were optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to deliver smoother flow into new fully machined, big bore venturii.
The main-body also features an integrated idle bypass valve that allows for idle adjustments while maintaining the correct throttle plate to transfer slot relationship as well as an extended air cleaner flange for easy air scoop attachment when using the available air scoop adapter.

The Gen 3 utilizes high capacity fuel bowls which feature 20% more fuel capacity to eliminate starvation, integrated fuel shelf to minimize fuel aeration and internal baffling to control fuel slosh. Other features include all aluminum construction, 12 hole billet booster inserts, fully tunable billet metering blocks, adjustable external linkage, throttle position sensor mounting points and knurled (hand adjustable) curb idle screws

Each calibration has been dyno and track tested to deliver proven performance!

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