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ZL1 fuel pump for 5th gen Camaro features:

  • High-capacity fuel pump module from the 2012 Camaro supercharged ZL1
  • 250 liters per hour capacity at 65 PSI
  • Supports approximately 600 horsepower
  • Direct replacement on 2010-2015 Camaro SS models
SKU: WBD-19303293


Chevrolet Performance’s ZL1 fuel pump module is a direct replacement for the in-tank fuel pump/sender assembly of 2010 and later Camaro SS models. It delivers significantly greater volume suitable for high-performance applications – including supercharged engines – eliminating the need for an aftermarket, out-of-tank fuel system to support very high horsepower levels.

The ZL1 fuel pump module incorporates a twin-pump design to meet the high-rpm fuel requirements of a supercharged engine. It delivers approximately 250 liters per hour at 65 psi (450 kPa) and will support engines producing up to about 600 horsepower – although its performance range with custom and modified engines is determined by factors including the air/fuel ratio, compression ratio and others.

The ZL1 pump is pulse-width modulated, directed by a fuel pump controller, for more precise fuel delivery that eliminates the need for a conventional pressure regulator.

Components of the kit include the fuel pump assembly, a fuel pump seal and instruction sheet. The factory fuel pump controller can be used with it on 2010 and later Camaros.

The pump assembly is spring loaded and will fit tanks with depth from 6″-7-1/4″ the lower housing diameter is 4-3/4″ and the tip diameter where it fits into the tank is 6″.

Does not include fuel level sender; this must be purchased separately.



Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 13.7 × 9 in

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