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 AutoMeter’s GPS Speedometer interface features:

  • Plug and play with AutoMeter electronic programmable speedometer
  • Lightning quick 10 Hz signal update rate is the fastest available.
  • Fully sealed and paintable magnetic micro antenna (Dimensions: 1.472 in. x 1.339 in. x 0.508 in.). Includes 16 ft. of wiring for plenty of mounting versatility.
  • GPS module is fully sealed against water and dust. Includes 6.5 ft. wiring harness. Case dimensions: 3 in. (6 in. with wiring and connectors) x 2.5 in. (4 in. with mounting tabs) x 1 in.
  • One touch calibration process takes only seconds for most other electronic speedometers.
SKU: WBD-5289

Tickets are no fun. Calibrating a speedometer isn’t a great deal of fun either. AutoMeter's GPS Speedometer Interface is the no fuss solution to complete your speedometer installation. Ideal for offroad applications with large wheel and tire combinations, racing gearboxes, and applications where packaging considerations prevent conventional speed sensor or cable installations.

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