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Class will be held June 12th, 2021, at our shop in West Bend, WisconsinAttendance costs $200 and will include training book, lunch, product discounts and door prizes that will more than offset the cost of the class.

About our 2021 EFI Education Class:

Are you interested in learning about fuel injection and all of the related components? Are you unsure how to navigate through all the choices and conflicting information regarding fuel injection upgrades? Are you thinking of switching your old carburetor to a throttle body or port style fuel injection? Is an LS, Hemi or Coyote swap in your future?

West Bend Dyno Tuning is offering spots to our 2021 EFI education class on Saturday, June 12th, and we want you to attend! This class is designed to help you figure out what will be involved when making the switch to EFI. West Bend Dyno Tuning coupons and discounts will be awarded to participants of this class.

Topics to be covered in great detail include:

1. Factory vs aftermarket ECU control: how to determine what is best for your application
2. “Self-tuning” vs “tuneable” ECUs
3. Ignition timing control
4. What sensors are involved and determining a MAF or MAP based system.
5. How to properly size a fuel system. How to determine what fuel pump, lines and injectors are needed. How to determine what type of fuel pressure regulator is
6. How to determine what type of spark plugs are needed and what gap is required
7. Determining what fuel type is best for your application: premium, E85 or FLEX.
8. Boost control – manual vs electronic
9. Wiring/relays/fuses
10. A question-and-answer session over all topics discussed

This is designed to be a class for beginners to help familiarize yourself with EFI, help you plan your build, and avoid the most common obstacles and failures related to fuel injection upgrades.

When you purchase a ticket to this class, your order confirmation email will serve as your ticket.  Please print and bring to class with you!