WBD 5th Gen Camaro V8 Cold Air Intake

West Bend Dyno is excited to release the first cold air intake with an integrated oil catch can design for V8 5th Gen Camaros. Starting January 1st, 2018 we will begin shipping our intake kits. Dyno proven 19 RWHP and 15 RWTQ with NO TUNING required. Kits can be purchased through West Bend Dyno Tuning or Competition Products. Intake tubes for popular Superchargers as well as many other applications coming soon!
1.Base CAI without oil catch can (black or silver)-$399.99
2.CAI with integrated oil catch can (black or silver) -$599.99
3.Catch can breather line install kit for open or closed system with factory valve covers-$79.99
4.Catch can breather line install kit for short or tall Wegner/WBD valve covers-$99.99
5.Complete kit WITH custom billet short valve covers-$1259.99
6.Complete kit WITH custom billet tall valve covers-$1679.99

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