FM3 Performance Marketing

What a great week! Team FM3 Performance Marketing just completed one of the most exciting and grueling weeks at The Tire Rack One Lap of America. The team of Steve Kepler and Jimi Day took on 18 events and more than 3900 miles over seven days.

 ”The team at West Bend Dyno went over the top.  . . . they prepped and tuned the car to perfection. You guys do fantastic work and you will be our race shop of choice from now on”.


928 Motorsports

“West Bend Dyno Tuning is modern and I am impressed by the high state of readiness and maintenance with which Brad Riekkoff (the owner) keeps his equipment. He has a solid clientele of hot-rodders and performance-adders, mostly V8 muscle car enthusiasts. And he has the staff of mechanics on hand for those customers. . .”


Clinton Phalin and his Twin Turbo 2008 1/2 Mustang

West Bend Dyno, I just wanted thank you again for all the trouble you and everyone else at the shop went through to make this come together! I’m very impressed with the level of expertise and workmanship you guys performed and I’m glad to have you as a trusted resource for further performance upgrades. Thanks so much.


Ken Mulryan’s 2003 Z/06

GREAT Dyno tune on my 2003 Z/06.  The car is awesome!!  I’ve managed 200 M.P.H. so far.  I quit before the car.  LOL.  Thank you for a great job.  I would recommend your shop to anyone.


Brian Hagemeister’s  2001 Chevy Camaro

Just wanted to let you know another weekend at WIR, and in the cold air she is stayed in the 11.97-11.98 range during time trials. Racing later in the day wasn’t a problem, as I couldn’t hook up, and I stayed above 12. Again, I am pleased where the car is at, and how well it runs. Thanks again.

Good day at the track Sat. as I think the Red Beauty is back to it’s performance of two summers ago. She ran consistent 12.14-12-17′s @112=113mph, on trial runs and first two competition rounds, then when the sun dropped, on the 3rd round, it hit 12.07 @ 114mph! Comparing relative weather conditions such as DA, to last years records, where I ran 12.3-12.4′s, it is a very nice improvement, and where I expected it to be with the proper tuning. I beat myself (as always) in the 4th round by not burning the tires enough, and a little spinning dropped me back to a 12.14 with a 12.05 dial in.
Still no stalling problems after burn outs, She idles everytime.
Great job, and I will spread the word, how happy I am with your tuning.


Sam Wysocki’s 540HP Supercharged 1988 Ford Mustang

Hey Guys, Just wanted to tell you about the drive home from the shop. I stopped and got gas and the first person i see said “Now that’s no 5.0″. Now my smile is getting bigger. I jump on the freeway going home and i see a new blue roush mustang coming on me quick. He is next to me at 55. I give him a little gas he does the same. Then i give it full throttle it breaks the tires loose and takes off up to 100 and still wants to pull. He didn’t want anymore. Thank you for finishing the car its F@#$*ing awesome. Great job Guys!!!


Tom Veale’s ’93 Ford 5.0L Pushrod Fuel Injected

I’ve been meaning to write you a note about the ’33 street rod and how it’s been working since you folks burned a new chip for me.  [...] I want to thank you all for the efforts put forth to get the ’33 running well.  The stock Ford Chip wasn’t up to the task of managing all the engine changes I’d made and this new Diablo chip has tamed essentially all of the problems.  The 10 extra Hp and 5 lbs/ft of torque don’t properly tell the story of how much more drive-able the car is with proper mapping of the engine’s A/F ratio and air flow.