Enhance Your Speed & Performance

We offer quality Dyno Tuning by experts who know cars and machines and provide results.

  • Up to 2100 Horsepower  (for Cars, Trucks and SUV’s)
  • Specializing in Late Model Domestic Performance
  • We services all makes and models of Performance Vehicles
  • Speedometer Check and Correction
  • Tire Mounting, Balancing, Sales and Service
  • Performance Parts at Competitive Pricing (view our product brands)
  • Sandblasting, Glass bead Blasting, & Soda Blasting
  • Engine assembly and machine shop service available
  • Nitrous Oxide refill services – $7.50 per LB
  • PCM bench flashing for most GM computers



  • $98-110 Per Hour Shop Labor Rate OEM-Aftermarket
  • $150 Per Hour Dyno Labor Rate (This would only occur if dyno tuning of a vehicle has to stop due to repairs needed before tuning can resume).


Base Line Dyno Rates

  • $100-200 Baseline Dyno Test
  • $150-250 Baseline Dyno Test With Air-Fuel
  • With a baseline run, we also offer a 1/4 mil simulation pull for $25.  Additional 1/4 mile pulls  are available for $10 each.
  •  All tests include print offs of graphs or PDF files

Dyno Rental Rates

  • Dyno with operator – $135.00 per hour
  • Dyno with technician – $155.00 per hour
  • Dyno with carb or EFI tuner – $180.00 per hour