Bench Tuning and DOD/AFM Disable

Things that can be done with bench tuning:

Deletion of:

- C.A.G.S.
- A.I.R.
- E.G.R.
- A.F.M. (DoD)
- Codes generated with certain modfications can be set to NER


- Speed calibration for tire height / Final drive gear ratio changes
- Cooling fan operation set-points
- Shift quality improvements A4 / A6
- Fuel cut alteration (rev limiter, raise or lower limit – change to spark cut if FI)
- Torque management minimization for electronic throttle vehicles (allows for cable-like operation of the throttle)
- Start up tunes for Cam’s, new injectors (with proper cal data only!) etc just to get the car running so that it can be brought in for a FULL tune.

PCM/TCM That can we can tune

-1999 through 2013 GM Gen III and IV V8′s

-Any other GM vehicles made between 1999 and 2013 may be candidates to be bench tuned, call or email for specific applications.

-NOTE- If you have an E38, E40, or an E67 ECU the vehicle’s TCU will have to be sent to us along with the PCM.

-NOTE- We cannot tune any 6L80E transmissions via mail. This is because the TCM is located inside the transmission.

Bench Tuning Rates


Please keep in mind that mail order bench tunes are limited. Its not a full dyno tune and we will not make adjustments to fueling or timing unless we have the whole car. There is simply not enough information available to the tuner to dial in a car properly via mail order tunes.

DOD/AFM Delete on GM V8 Cars/Trucks


This includes the HP Tuners registration fee for your vehicle along with disabling V4 Mode.

Email us at or call (262) 692-9035 for more information.